Rosehip, hibiscus and cherry infused Watershed Vodka, hibiscus liqueur, vanilla, orange, lemon

Butternut rosemary risotto, anchovy orange and caper agrodolce

Coriander crusted lamb chops, ginger carrot puree, Ras el hanout spiced cabbage and peas


Flat iron, herb pesto fingerlings, smoked horsey, green beans

Chef’s Choice


Seared and over cannellini cassoulet and creamed cabbage


Onion, celery, carrots, fava beans, braised chicken and veloute, herb butter crust

Roasted fingerlings, green beans, tomato demi

Braised portobello and chickpea hard seared, lettuce, b & b pickles, sliced onion, mojo vegan spread

Sweet chili ginger, cucumber and cabbage slaw, wasabi aioli, served with truffle fries and garlic aioli. (Can be made Vegan $17)

Radicchio, onions, butternut and carrots marinated in whole grain mustard vin. Served on bruised kale.

Blackened sesame crust, slaw, wasabi aioli and sweet chili ginger

Roasted Butternut dip, maple gastrique, frosted pecans, smoked paprika and baquette

Choice of tea, soup or salad, 10 tea sandwiches, 2 scones and 2 desserts

Choice of tea, soup or salad, 5 tea sandwiches, 1 scone, 1 dessert

Choice of tea, 2 scones, clotted cream and jam

Whisky, vanilla, Angostura Bitters, molasses bitters, clove

Watershed Bourbon, Amaro Montenegro, Antica Sweet Vermouth, orange flower water, Fee Brothers Aromatic Bitters

(Gluten Free)

ice cream (add 2)

with ice cream

Challah bun, dijonaise, b&b pickles, steakhouse onion white cheddar, bacon and shaved lettuce, served with truffle fries and garlic aioli.

Prosciutto, smoked mozzarella, artichoke, giardiniera served with tomato soup.


Parmesan, croutons, fried capers

bibb lettuce, herb vinaigrette, smoked sea salt

Tahini / dill yogurt, golden raisin salad

Whipped ricotta, braised wild mushrooms, burnt honey